I am twenty four years old and based in Sydney, Australia. I was raised by two banker parents who luckily believed in creativity and fuelling curiosity, so growing up hardly anything was out of bounds. As a child and as who I am today, I am fascinated by the world around me. I want to remember everything I see, everything that happens and I photograph and I film first and foremost to makeup for the times when words fail and my memory forgets.

It began in the summer of 2009, when I was age fifteen, with a new camera for Christmas. After it was gifted to me, I spent the necessary hours in school and the remaining of my time taking pictures of everyone I could: first it was of my friends, then strangers off the internet and the streets. I was a shy and cautious girl but the camera around my neck made me feel brave. When I look back on those beginning days, all I remember is standing on top of dangerously high cliffs, ignoring trespassing signs, holding my camera just inches on top of a water surface and wondering aimlessly into a big maze of a forest – all done without a second thought because I knew the shots I would get would be worth it.

I was unknowingly building a portfolio that archived my adventures and youth, and the following year in 2010, I submitted a photo and won the Australian YouthWeek People’s Choice national award as one of the youngest competitors. In 2011, Tumblr.com sponsored me to fly to New York City to photograph and cover Fashion Week S/S 2012 and I also began to work closely with Maybelline New York. I worked professionally while I was still getting an education and a lot of the times, I was the youngest person on set.

After I graduated high school, I ticked off a goal from my bucket list: to just spend the whole of one year creating. I spent months abroad, in new countries and in new cities, documenting anything and anyone that fascinated me. I realised it is all I ever want to do: keep my mind moving, my eyes wide open and to shoot every day, every minute, non-stop. I began with an innocent but vigorous passion, which turned into an overwhelming kind of fervor and I know that the more that I photograph and the more that I film, it will only get bigger and wilder...

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